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After by Anna Todd.

Happy Valentines day everyone. Today is the day of love. So this review is gonna be scrambled I guess cause I can’t get my thoughts in check. Which is strange I am usually so collected and organized but I having issues with this since I am actively fighting my swoony teen girl side. And thatContinue reading “After by Anna Todd.”

A Vow So Bold and Deadly.

I have never written a spoiler free review ever. Mostly because I am a blabber mouth who likes to over analyze books. But this book just came out a few weeks back and generally people won’t have read it much and some people just don’t like spoilers. So I will try to make this spoilerContinue reading “A Vow So Bold and Deadly.”

February TBR

Ah February the month of love, a nice time to read war stories, Murder mysteries and torture scenes. I actually planned to read a lot of romance at first but love rejected me now I am rejecting it. I told my classmates that I was single and had this video sent to me about aContinue reading “February TBR”

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